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This page is outdated. As of 2011-03-19 this project does not have a maintainer. With the fanotify interface now available in mainline Linux, it is questionable whether or not the DazukoFS project should continue.

This is a list of the general next-steps that are going to be taken for the Dazuko project.

  1. release a version of Dazuko as a patch for Linux 2.6.24 (2008-03-20)
  2. post experimental nullfs code (2008-04-23)
  3. post new experimental DazukoFS code (2008-06-18)
  4. introduce a new rewritten DazukoIO communication library (2008-09-24)
  5. introduce a new rewritten Dazuko core (2008-09-24)
  6. post DazukoFS to LKML (2008-12-21)
  7. release DazukoFS as official stable version (2009-02-22)
  8. orphan Dazuko 2.x (2009-02-22)
  9. clean up the wiki for DazukoFS
  10. DazukoFS accepted in mainline Linux
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