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This page is outdated. The patches here do not reflect the latest version of DazukoFS. Because of the lack of interest in DazukoFS from the Linux community, no further submissions were made. Since then, the Fedora-backed fanotify project has been accepted into mainline Linux and could be used as a replacement for DazukoFS.

DazukoFS patchsets have been submitted for inclusion in the Linux kernel. Here is the latest set of patches (last updated 2009-03-23):

  1. patch-dazukofs-nullfs
  2. patch-dazukofs-1-group
  3. patch-dazukofs-multi-group
  4. patch-dazukofs-group-tracking
  5. patch-dazukofs-ignore

These patches are against Linux 2.6.29-rc8.

Feedback is appreciated and should be posted to the Linux Kernel Mailing List.

  1. 2008-12-21 submission
  2. 2009-02-03 submission
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